PenPal Schools

The Year 8 Literacy Support class is travelling the world from their classroom this term completing a six week program with PenPal Schools. The girls have been matched with students from the United States and Italy with the aim of learning about another country and reflecting on aspects of their own.

Each week the class focuses on a topic such as art and literature, food or history, telling their penpals something about their life in Australia and reading about their penpal’s life. Through these exchanges, the girls have discovered many similarities between themselves and students the same age, in a completely different part of the world. It has also made them realise that although we may all be writing in English, it is used differently around the world, testing the girl’s descriptive writing skills when explaining ‘footy’, ‘pavlova’ and ‘fairy floss’! Writing to a real audience and receiving quick responses to their comments has really engaged the girls who are enthusiastic each week to write to their penpals and read their replies, all while improving their reading, writing and technology skills.

“One thing I like about PenPal Schools is that I learn new information about different places around the world that I didn’t know before.” Rose

“I liked this experience because we got to learn new things about other people! And other countries!” Amy

“I like talking to people from other countries and learning what they do in their everyday life.” Ava

Amanda Allen, Literacy Support

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