Perfect Score for Coding Students

Katarina Anastasakis , Libby Markham, Amy Sellers , Victoria Lawrence, Gemma Smart, and Amelia Taranto show off their certificates

The National Computer Science Schools Challenge (NCSS) runs in March and July each year. The NCSS Challenge is an online programming competition for school students run by Grok Academy. Each week for five weeks, a set of Digital Technologies teaching resources are distributed to participants, together with a set of questions testing this material. Participants submit their solutions to the Grok website where they are automatically marked, and feedback is given. 

This national competition is made up of a series of 40 problems that need to be solved. These problems get progressively more difficult and include writing computer program solutions in a language called Python. 

This semester, our Year 8 Robotics & Coding class were dedicated coders, working very hard to complete as many problems as they could within the timeframe of the competition. Technology & Commerce Teacher, James Rees supported our girls as they tackled the problems and thought hard about how to fix errors. We had a record six girls receive a perfect score of 400 across the competition, which we are very proud of!

Congratulations to all participants who persevered, and especially to our perfect scorers – Libby Markham, Gemma Smart, Amy Sellers, Amelia Taranto, Katarina Anastasakis and Victoria Lawrence. We see a bright digital future for you all!

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