Perth Science & Engineering Challenge

The Science and Engineering Challenge encourages Year 10 students to consider a career in science or engineering and to study the enabling sciences in senior high school. 

The challenge is a day-long competition designed to provide Year 10 high school students with a positive experience of science and engineering. A maximum of 8 schools per day compete against each other at one venue over a week. 

The challenge activities ranged from designing, building and testing a model hovercraft and a sturdy bridge to making mechanical hands, turbines and planning efficient transport networks to name a few.

The activities were designed to give the students an insight into various science and engineering careers in an engaging way.

The Year 10 Physics students at Santa Maria have been studying mechanics and electronics and seeing the physics concepts and principles in action has certainly been a constructive experience for them.

Student Reflection

The Science and Engineering excursion was a fantastic experience for me. There were various sets of activities that each group had to complete. Some groups had to finish two half-day activities whilst other groups did one whole-day activity. My group and I did a whole-day project which was about building a stable bridge for a heavy trolley cross. The more weight the bridge could handle without breaking, the more points we received for our school. We had to think very carefully about the resources we would use as there were only a set number of materials for each team. We also had to make sure that we were using our knowledge to build the lightest and most stable bridge possible. Thanks to our previous understanding of shapes and gravity, we were able to complete this task efficiently. I had a great time on the excursion, and I have learnt so much. Zima-Jade Henderson

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