Physical Drama Workshop for ATAR Students

Last week, Years 11 and 12 ATAR Drama students participated in a physical theatre workshop run by Teresa Izzard, along with assistant coach Samuel Addison from Feet First Collective.

The workshop explored ensemble building and physical approaches to devising based on Anne Bogart’s approach to actor training. Bogart is a listed practitioner in the SCSA Course Outline for Year 12 Drama.

The students were introduced to the ‘9 Viewpoints’ and how to use them in rehearsal for composition and devising.

This interesting workshop specifically links to their ATAR Drama studies.

We asked some of the participating students what they took away from the experience:

We explored the use of movement and gestures to convey meaning and symbolism, which can be linked to dramatic texts. This exploration of movement was supported by a variety of techniques that we were introduced to.

We additionally developed ensemble skills and the concept of moving and working in unison and working as a team.

My favourite part of the workshop was the group improvisation to music. It was a chance to practice our own movement and explore improvisation. Ashlee Button, Year 12

Some new skills I developed include having a greater sense and understanding of the importance of spatial awareness, not only when acting alone but when acting with an ensemble.

Another skill I learned was the idea of remaining calm and ‘slow’ in your thoughts and mind, even if your actions do not reflect this. I was able to practice this as we workshopped walking at different tempos.

The most enjoyable part of the workshop was being able to incorporate our newly learnt skills into one of the texts that we are studying this year: Jump for Jordan by Donna Abela. In three groups, we each created a piece of drama through the use of Anne Bogart’s techniques and lines from a scene of Jump for Jordan that particularly highlighted one of the themes of the text. Olivia McDavitt, Year 12

The Drama Department were very impressed with what they saw at the workshop. All participating students took the opportunity to learn and absorb as much as they could, from the best of the best! 

We always enjoy seeing our girls take their learning beyond the classroom. 

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