Year 9s Pitch To Sharks

Shark Tank would have loved our Year 9 Entrepreneurship classes this week. The girls were participating in a task called The Pitch.

The idea was for the girls to pitch a business idea to their teachers, Nic Keskinidis and Odette Bancilhon, and convince them to invest in their business plan.

Mr ‘Kes’ said, “We want to take the girls out of their comfort zone. We know they are knowledgeable and prepare and write well but we wanted their knowledge to be translated in a way that would demonstrate their enterprise skills like selling and marketing.”

The girls showed a great deal of initiative and were remarkably quick on their feet, answering all of the Sharks’ questions with surprising confidence and a splash of humour. They clearly enjoyed the task.

“I like that this task wasn’t just sitting back and listening to Mr Kes. We had to go off as a group and prepare, working together and considering everybody’s input. There was a lot of teamwork.” Sofia Freund,

“The most difficult part was having to get up in front of the class and act confidently. My group included a dance and I’m usually quiet and conservative, but we had to have the courage to make it entertaining and interactive for everyone. It turned out well.” Shanice D’Silva

“The task taught us the sorts of things you need to consider in starting a business, like start-up costs, inflows and outflows, marketing, staffing, platforms and competition.” Bridget Atwell

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