Pool Open For Boarders

During the month of November, the school pool will be open on both Saturday and Sunday for use by the boarders from 1.00 pm – 4.00 pm each day.  We have secured a lifeguard who will be supported by boarding supervisors in ensuring the girls are safe whilst swimming in the pool. 

Swimming in the pool requires that the girls are sun smart. They must apply sunscreen, wear a hat and cover up with a t-shirt whilst not in the pool.  Girls can certainly swim in their own personal bathers (they do not have to be in school swimsuits). It is important, however, that girls choose swimwear that is not too revealing. G-string bottoms and very small bikini tops are not appropriate.

During this trial period, we will be able to ascertain the demand from the girls to use the pool.  The trial period will be reviewed and subsequently, arrangements for pool use during Term 1 will be finalised.  If you have any further comments about the girls’ access to the pool, please speak with your boarding supervisor.

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