Pre-Service Teachers Contribute To Our Professional Culture

At Santa Maria College we believe in the importance of giving back to the Education industry by hosting pre-service teachers from several different universities every year. This year, we have students from Curtin University, Notre Dame University and the University of Western Australia placed in a range of Learning Areas across Terms 2 and 3. Our staff are always generous in volunteering their time and talents to mentor aspiring teachers. Many see it as a way of giving back to the teaching profession.

Providing placements for pre-service teachers is an important part of the professional growth and development culture that exists at Santa Maria. Mentoring pre-service teachers has many benefits for our staff and students. Pre-service teachers support the work of mentor teachers in the classroom. With the guidance of their mentor teacher, they provide learning opportunities for our students, putting into practice the theory learnt in university lectures and tutorials. 

Being a mentor teacher naturally prompts staff to reflect on their own professional practice. They also develop skills in supervising, coaching, and assessing pre-service teachers. Our staff value doing their part to shape the future of the teaching profession.

Currently, the College has two pre-service teachers. In Year 5.5, Aleesha Matic is working with staff member Amber Price. In Year 6.6 Alana Rinaldi is with Lindsey Fitzgerald. They are both completing their 8th week of an 11-week practicum. We wish them every success in this section of their study and in their teaching careers.

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