Preparing for Christmas: Advent

As Christmas approaches, most people rush with last-minute preparations for presents, Christmas meals and parties. The Church asks us to prepare differently in the lead up to Christmas. As we enter the season of Advent this Sunday, students in Year 7 have been learning about the meaning and significance of Advent for Christians.

Students were given the task of showcasing their learning by either creating a diorama of the nativity scene or constructing an Advent wreath. Their brief was also to be as creative as possible whilst reusing products or items that they already had at home.  

Here is what some of the girls had to say at the completion of their projects:

Over the past 2 weeks, we have learned that Advent is much more than buying presents for others. Instead, it is a time to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus. We can do this by spreading hope, love, peace, and joy through this special time. Millie Anderson

We prepare for this time by volunteering at soup kitchens, going to Mass, giving to charity and most of all, being compassionate to others around us. Sacha Auton

To us, Advent means a time where we all come together and prepare our hearts and souls for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. We prepare our hearts and souls by being kind to everyone, donating to charity, putting something under the Kmart Christmas tree, being loving and caring but being our best selves for each other and God. Siyana Bernard & Jayda Baker

Advent is the days leading up to Christmas, where we prepare by getting our hearts ready for the birth of Jesus. Chloe Cox, Mikaela Foster & Sienna Pitt.

So, as we prepare for the birth of Jesus, we are encouraged to practice fasting, penance, prayer and charity, so that our hearts are well prepared for the gift of Christ on Christmas day.

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