Preparing for the Workplace

Next week, our Year 11 ACCESS students will embark on their Workplace Learning (WPL) placements, marking an exciting milestone for many girls as they step into the workforce for the first time!

Students participated in the College’s Work Ready Program to ensure they are well-prepared for this transition from school to the workplace. This program aims to provide support and guidance as they navigate this new chapter.

During the program, the girls had the opportunity to interact with guest speakers who shared valuable insights and practical demonstrations on various topics, including professional hair care, makeup application, appropriate dress attire, and responsible social media use. These sessions gave the students essential skills and knowledge to present themselves confidently and professionally in a work environment.

Additionally, the girls delved into effective stress management strategies, recognising the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. They also ventured into the kitchen, where they learned how to prepare practical and nutritious lunch options. This hands-on experience fostered independence and encouraged them to make healthy choices during their workplace lunches.

By engaging in the Work Ready Program, our Year 11 ACCESS students have gained invaluable skills, knowledge, and confidence to serve them well during their WPL placement and beyond. We are proud of their eagerness to learn and grow as they take their first steps into the working world.

“This day serves as a platform for students to access relevant information, establish connections, and actively engage with industry speakers. By facilitating these interactions, we aim to enhance their readiness and confidence as they commence their work placements.”, says Maryanne Hughes, Head of VET, WPL, Endorsed Programs & ACCESS.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and expressed a newfound sense of confidence as they prepared to embark on their work placements.”, adds Maryanne. 

We asked some students what they took away from the day. Here is what they had to say: 

The Workplace Ready Program was a valuable learning opportunity that helped us prepare for our work placements in Week 5 and when we get out into the workforce. Mieka Watkins

The makeup session was my favourite. There was beneficial information. For someone who has only known how to wear stage make-up, it was great to learn the different products and methods for a more natural look. The lady was hilarious and friendly, perfect for our age group. I felt I could approach her, and she gave me great advice when I asked for help. Overall, I enjoyed the day. It was a nice break from the stresses of class and was an excellent opportunity to learn new things and ask about any concerns or questions. I now feel confident and know what I’m doing. Jacinta van Der Zanden

I thought the Workplace Ready Program helped me understand the proper nutritional lunch you should eat. I liked cooking because we got to make it and understand how long it takes to make it. Veronique Lomma

As the girls embark on their work placements, we extend our best wishes to them. We have full confidence that they will not only represent the College with grace and professionalism but also apply the skills they have acquired during their preparation

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