From the Principal – 17 November 2017

Last Saturday evening I attended the College Ball. In congratulating everyone who assisted in making this such a special night, I particularly acknowledge Dean of Year, Rebecca Waterhouse. Rebecca’s outstanding preparation for any event is well-known to all who have worked with her. The College Ball can create tensions prior to the event with dress standards and table arrangements being high on the agenda. Rebecca gave meticulous attention to every detail to ensure the night would be special for all attendees. I thank the overwhelming majority of parents who support the high standards we continually strive for. In saying this, I need to point out that there were several difficult conversations that Rebecca had to contend with in regard to appropriate dress standards.

Having the Ball at the beginning of their Year 12 experience is both a celebration and a challenge to set the standard for what is ahead. As I said to the girls, my greatest joy from this event comes when it is all over – knowing that everyone has arrived home safely. The Class of 2018 are to be congratulated for what transpired at the Hyatt last Saturday night. They have set a very high standard! This event is part of the ritual of commencing Year 12 and taking over as College leaders.  Occupying the Year 12 Alfresco Area now that the WACE examinations are over, and the presentation of Leavers Jackets are the next two significant events to take place.

In most WA schools the Year 11s are about to complete their examinations and commence their holidays. Our model of a four-term Year 12 and finishing at the same as all other year groups is firmly established and has so many benefits. While the girls may feel envious that their Year 11 friends in other schools are on holidays, making significant inroads into the Year 12 Courses is so advantageous.

While we have made the Year 12 experience a little longer, we want our girls to maintain their co-curricular activities and their social life while further developing their time management and resilience skills, that are essential for the future. Year 12 is a special year, but we need to accept the fact that there are over 25,000 students in Western Australia undergoing this experience. Just because it is Year 12 does not mean, “it is all about me.”

Ian Elder | Principal

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