Project of Mercy Recipient Announced

We are excited to announce that the recipient of the 2023 ‘Project of Mercy’ grant is Jane Armstrong (1993). Her charity, Homelessness We Care Perth, has been selected to receive the $5000 grant. Jane was presented with the ‘large’ cheque by Principal Jennifer Oaten and Old Girls’ Association President Gemma Varone.

This significant grant will help Jane and her team of volunteers as they continue their mission to support the homeless community in Perth. These funds will help Homelessness We Care to purchase items that will ensure food is kept to food safety temperatures during service to those most vulnerable in our society.

Jane’s passion for advocating for the homeless is rooted in her background in mental health. Witnessing the alarming rise in homelessness firsthand has only fueled her determination to make a meaningful impact. Her commitment to addressing this pressing issue serves as an inspiration to us all.

Through her tireless efforts, Jane not only exemplifies the spirit of compassion that lies at the heart of the Santa Maria College community, but she also stands as a testament to the incredible difference each of us can make. Her remarkable dedication inspires us to embrace our own capacity for kindness and to actively participate in building a more compassionate and inclusive society. As we celebrate Jane’s contributions, we are encouraged to reflect on how we, too, can contribute to positive change within our community.

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