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Pubbles: Creating Great Media Content

Pubbles is the media publishing co-curricular group at Santa Maria College. Each fortnight, the Pubbles girls get together and learn how to take amazing photographs, design posters, help one another and contribute to the digital life of the College. They post their work to a forum and learn skills in the Techno Lounge to enhance their projects. Any staff member or student can request a poster for an upcoming event, and a Pubbles team will be on it straight away. Many of the advertising posters appearing around the College are courtesy of Pubbles. You will see their logo in the bottom corner! Pubbles members train to take photos at College events such as assemblies and Mercy Day. This week, Media Captain, Georgia Piggott ran a session on portraiture with Pubbles girls in Years 7-11. This is to help develop skills in framing, capturing expression and using an appropriate depth of field in portrait photography. As you can see, they had a great time practising their skills! If any students wish to join Pubbles for Semester 2, you would be so welcome! Please contact Mrs Marshall, Pubbles Coordinator for more information.

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