Public Speaking Finals

Congratulations to all those who took part in the Interhouse Public Speaking Competition this year.

The first round of heats for Years 7 – 12 students was held in Week 3, followed by the Years 5 & 6 heats in Week 5. 

Yesterday’s finals saw the finalists from the heats represent their House in front of their Year groups. 

The points from this competition will go towards the coveted McAuley Shield, presented on Mercy Day. House results will be announced later. Below are the results for each Year group.

Year 5

1 st Place
2nd Place

Milla Vlahov (Kelly)
Madelyn Smith (Corbett)

Year 6

1 st Place
2nd Place

Sienna Fazio (Kelly)
Anahat Singh (de la Hoyde)

Year 7

1 st Place
2nd Place

Tess Hooker (O’Donnell)
Annika Conte (Dillon)

Year 8

Equal 1 st Place

Equal 2nd Place

Grace Westerhout (de la Hoyde)
Abigail Marra (O’Donnell)

Isabella Morrison (Frayne)
Ella Muir (O’Reilly)

Year 9

1 st Place
2nd Place

Sascha Finlay-Collins (Kelly)
Isabel Bauer (de la Hoyde)

Year 10

1 st Place
2nd Place

Emily Berson (O’Reilly)
Abbey Sullivan (de la Hoyde)

Year 11

1 st Place
2nd Place

Clare Perrott (Kelly)
Cosima Biagioni (Corbett)

Year 12

1 st Place
2nd Place

Giorgia Paltridge (Dillon)
Caitlin Milne (Frayne)

Thank you to past students Lucy Stronach (2013), Amy Treasure (2019), Caitlin Langworthy (2010) and Rebecca Moonen (1997) for adjudicating at the finals.

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