Reach Students Become The Teachers

The Year 10 Reach Maths class have been studying volume and capacity this term. As a way to connect their learning to life, and reinforce what they had learned, the class were invited to demonstrate their understanding of the topic by taking over the role of the teacher in Mrs Sharp 5.2 class.

In planning and preparing for the lesson, the girls sourced resources and checked they met the desired learning outcome. They also planned for contingencies, such as people being away and resources not being available. 

The Year 10s were met with excitement by the Year 5s and confidently ran their lessons. They started with an icebreaker to get to know the younger girls and to build a relationship. The activities that followed included:

  • Making magic potions
  • Estimating the volume of chocolate bars and everyday kitchen items 

During the lesson, the Year 10 students were challenged with spilled potions, activities finishing early and technology glitches. However, the girls were able to think on their feet and change their lesson plan in the moment, showing great flexibility and responsiveness to the situation. 

Year 10 student Bella Abrusci said, “I found it fun getting to know the Year 5s and teaching them stuff they didn’t know. I found it rewarding that they got excited spending time with us and making the magic potions.” 

Year 5 student Lucy Cox said, “The Year 10s don’t care if you get things wrong, they just want to help you know what it is”.

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