Read, Grow, Inspire: Book Week 2023

Santa Maria College embarked on yet another exciting literary journey during this year’s Book Week. Under the captivating theme of “Read, Grow, Inspire,” students and staff alike were drawn into a week-long celebration of books, creativity, and the magic of storytelling.

This year’s festivities provided students with an array of activities that ignited the imagination and fostered a deep appreciation for the written word.

The library buzzed with energy well before the official commencement of Book Week, thanks to the visit of acclaimed comic book author Shane McCarthy. Students were treated to insights from the master storyteller, gaining valuable perspectives on the art of weaving narratives that captivate and endure.

McCarthy’s ability to transport readers to alternate worlds and inspire through his words set the perfect tone for the upcoming week.

As the week unfolded, students enthusiastically engaged in a variety of competitions that tested their literary acumen and creativity. The challenge of crafting a compelling six-word story proved that brevity can indeed be the soul of wit.

Imaginations ran wild as students encapsulated entire tales within the confines of six words, showcasing their storytelling prowess in a truly condensed format.

For those with a knack for recognition, the “Guess the Book in the Jar” competition was a delight.

The jar housed a snippet of a beloved book. Students used their literary deduction skills to decipher the contents within, displaying an impressive grasp of modern classic literature.

A game of pixelated mysteries beckoned as students took on the task of identifying books from their pixelated covers. This creative twist on the conventional book cover challenge had participants deciphering abstract compositions to uncover the hidden titles, reminding everyone that the essence of a book can sometimes be found in the tiniest of details.

As the week concluded, the resounding message of Book Week resonated: the act of reading is a transformative experience that enriches our lives in ways both profound and diverse. Beyond the pages, beyond the narratives, lies a world of growth and inspiration waiting to be discovered.

Book Week 2023 reaffirmed that in every story we read, we have the power to read, grow, and inspire ourselves and others.

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