Reason For Being: Year 9 Transition Program

As part of the Year 9 program over the past two weeks, students have attended their Year 9 camp, a pilgrimage as well as a transition program.

The theme for the transition program was Reason for Being, with a focus on courage, growth, and purpose. 

Over the course of three days, students participated in a variety of practical activities, including spontaneous drama, team challenges, meditation, beading, sand craft, and dance choreography. The content of the program was designed to provide students with the opportunity to reflect on Year 9. It gave students the chance to re-evaluate their core values and work through sessions to guide them in the practice of:

  • structuring meaningful apologies
  • expressing gratitude and kindness
  • navigating challenges in personal relationships, and
  • finding balance in the business of life as they move forward into the senior years. 

Each day of the program had a different core focus – Who Am I? Who Am I With Others? and Who Am I in the World? The final activity was a challenge for students to design the ideal future city. The girls followed principles of design, justice, and inclusivity to bring the focus to the wider community.

The program concluded with a Liturgy, where students voiced the change they would like to see in the culture of their year group next year. Students wrote each change promise on hearts as a commitment and reminder to be carried forward. 

It has been a wonderful time of reflection, and a unique opportunity to come together as a year group to conclude what has been a busy and challenging year. It has been a pleasure to work with the students throughout the past two weeks and we wish them all the best as they move forward into Year 10 next year. 


“Transition has been an interesting and eye-opening week, making it a nice end to the year.” Ella Blazevic

“Transition this year was really enjoyable and helpful. I think the focus they put on friendships and building friendships within our year group was really helpful and taught us things we hadn’t realised before.” Evlynn Biju

“I have really enjoyed discovering more about the emotions and values of my friends and peers through the activities.” Scarlett Franklyn

“This week was amazing! The coordinators put together a program that was enjoyable and thought-provoking at the same time. It was confronting and intriguing to hear others’ thoughts relating to friendships and emotions”. Sophia Marra

“We learned how to be better people in today’s society, and how to create and mend relationships that matter. I enjoyed learning about myself and what values matter to me in my life, friendships, and relationships.” Scarlett Huston

“I enjoyed learning how to deal with disagreements and how to properly apologise to my loved ones”. Bella Mowday

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