Recognising our 2017 Achievers

Certificates of Merit

These certificates are awarded to students based on the number of A grades achieved in Year 11 & 12. A certificate of Merit is the highest state award available for ACCESS students, based on their school grades. All of our ACCESS students completed a Certificate II, III or IV, or a combination of these last year. Today we are acknowledging the ACCESS students of 2017 who received Certificates of Merit.

Mary Anderson – Notre Dame, Nursing
Elena Bairstow – TAFE, Diploma Special Effects Makeup
Caitlin Baker – ECU, Bachelor in Contemporary Arts
Tajana Daquino – Curtin: Uniready
Luca Farmer – Notre Dame, Bachelor of Primary Education
Mikayla Hogg – Gap year in the UK
Lauren Hyde-Cooling – Continuing studies with a Diploma of Business, working in real estate. And training for the world U20 championships in Finland this July for Pole Vault
Darcie Jolly – Notre Dame, Tertiary Bridging Course – prep for Sport & Recreation Management studies
Niamh Kennedy – Working and travelling
Chloe Kirk – Notre Dame, Tertiary Bridging Course for Primary Education
Simona Mugnes – Completing a Business diploma and will commence a graphic design course Curtin University
Meisha Raynes – ECU, Education
Stephanie Ryan – Gap year and working
Elizabeth Swainson – Notre Dame, Tertiary Bridging Course for Nursing
Julia Tamigi – Mercy Care Day Care – Full time work
Dannielle Wilhelm – Notre Dame, Tertiary Bridging Course – Primary Education

Certificates of Distinction

These certificates are awarded to ATAR students based on their number of A grades. This is the highest state award for ATAR students, based on their school grades.

Students receiving this award are:

Gabrielle Baker – Curtin University: Applied Science (Interior Architecture)
Jordan Evans – Curtin University: Double degree: Engineering and Accounting
Anna Huston – Notre Dame: Physiotherapy
Aimee Kunnen – TAFE, Floristry, Gap year
Sophie Maines – Curtin: Speech Pathology. Currently in Gosford representing WA in the U20’s Women’s State Basketball Team.
Mia Mogridge – Curtin, Law
Janine Ong – Curtin, Double degree in Law & Commerce. Janine was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship
Sophia Savaris – Curtin, Physiotherapy
Monique Shearwood – UWA, Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance
Tia Sullivan – Curtin, Double major in Marketing and Advertising
Jacqueline Tan – UWA, Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology
Melissa Varnakulasingham – Notre Dame, Nursing
Emma Watson – Notre Dame, Physiotherapy
Sofia Zaninovich – WAAPA, Music majoring in Contemporary Vocal

ATAR Above 97

The following students are acknowledged for their achievement of an ATAR greater than 97. This means they had an average of 79% or better for their top four subjects.

Olivia Daniels – Curtin, Physiotherapy. Olivia was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship
Courtney Withers – Notre Dame, Public Relations and Marketing
Neeve Palandri – Curtin, Engineering (Mechatronic Engineering). Neeve was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship
Renae Long
Ruby McLernon – Curtin, Physiotherapy. Ruby was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship
Laura Gale – Gap year to travel and work
Jessica Brown – Curtin, Visualisation and Interactive Media. Jessica was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship
Emily Hutchinson – Curtin, Physiotherapy. Emily was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship
Eve Miller – UWA, Biomedical Science with a direct pathway to the Master of Social Work
Elena Perse – UWA, Bachelor of Arts with direct entry into Law
Elizabeth Stevens – Melbourne University, Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Politics and International Relations
Katie Kerrigan – Gap year working as a boarding house supervisor in the UK. 2019 Katie will be at Melbourne University studying Journalism/Law
Mia Torquato – Gap year working as a teaching assistant in the UK. Mia intends to return to Perth to undertake a direct pathway into a Masters of Translation Studies, majoring in German Studies & International Relations & Political Science

Certificate of Excellence

Students who have achieved a result in the top 0.5% in the state in the examination are awarded a Certificate of Excellence. Many of these girls should also be congratulated on achieving an ATAR greater than 97 and a Certificate of Distinction

Ava Gamblin – UWA, Double major in Communications & Media Studies and Psychology
Anica Mancinone – UWA, Philosophy Double major in Political Science & International Relations and English & Cultural Studies
Meg Huston – Curtin, Physiotherapy. Meg was also awarded a Curtin Excellence Scholarship


A Subject Exhibition is awarded to the top student in WA for an examination. This year, we have two students who received a Subject Exhibition, which is a huge achievement for them both:

Sarah Ciccarelli – Curtin, Cyber Security
Subject Exhibition: Applied Information Technology, ATAR: 98.3

Lily Squire – UWA Science, majoring in Psychology
Subject Exhibition: English, ATAR: 98.0

Our final Achiever for the Class of 2017, is Melina Mackey. Melina achieved our highest ATAR score, an incredible 99.60 and will be studying at Monash University Melbourne. Melina has received a Monash Business School Scholarship valued at $34,000. She will be studying a Bachelor of Commerce, with a double major in Finance & Mathematical Statistics.

Congratulations, Girls!

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