Reflection Days with Dave Jorna, Project Hatch

Years 7, 8 and 11 students met Dave Jorna, Director of Project Hatch this week. Dave facilitated three Reflection Days by providing affirming experiences and opportunities for spiritual reflection while building community. Dave has a passion for working with young people and provided a balance of learning and fun that worked effectively for all students involved. The program challenged students in a fun and safe way to explore their faith and what’s important to them.

Year 7: Who am I?

Students were both excited and delighted to meet Dave for the first time. The theme for Year 7 explored ‘Who Am I?’ and began with high spirits and energy as they warmed up with both music and team-building challenges. As the morning progressed, Dave introduced students to his idea of developing a personal code. He explained that to help be your best self at all times, it is important to have your own code, that is, your guiding values. These values are particularly important when it comes to doing what is right, not just what is easy. Year 7s were then invited to create and share their own code. Students were then encouraged to discuss the people who are the most important in their lives, those who they could not do without for a whole year. These significant people make such a difference because they want us to know that we are enough, no matter what. As the afternoon approached, each student was invited to write a letter to themselves about the type of person they want to be. These letters were collected as part of a very moving and meaningful closing ritual. Students will receive the letter back at a later date.

Year 8: The Real Gift

Meanwhile, Year 8 students explored the theme ‘The Real Gift’. They explored the ways in which others make them feel important, special and loved. They also discussed the importance of creating their own guiding values and principles and developed their own code. Dave also shared some recent research which suggested that we are the average of the five people we associate with the most. During this discussion, students were invited to review their five. During this ritual, Year 8s finished the statements, “I’m inspired by people who… because …” and “I’m thankful for the quality of … because this helps me …”. These statements were collected as a reminder of the importance of giving our gifts and will be used in a variety of ways over the coming terms.

Year 11: Servant Leadership

Year 11: Servant Leadership

Finally, our Year 11 students were provided with an opportunity to unpack the concept of ‘Servant Leadership’. Dave began with an exploration into being made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, we are all good enough, no matter what. He reminded students that this is the very first step in servant leadership, enabling others to believe in their own worth, value and dignity. Students looked at the importance of a healthy mindset and surrounding themselves with the right people. They explored the extent to which we are shaped by those around us and, therefore, the types of people with whom we should associate. In the powerful closing session of the day, students acknowledged the qualities and actions of their peers who are being of service to others and personally thanked other students for being a positive influence. Students understood that servant leaders build others by empowering, inspiring, and equipping them so they can achieve their common goals.

It was a joy to welcome Dave back to our College community, and we extend our thanks to him for providing students with opportunities to build their self-confidence and inspire positive relationships with their peers.

Melissa Trolio | Director of Mission

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