Reflection Days

Year 7

The key theme of the day was ‘Who Am I? Who Do I Want to Be’?  The program encouraged students to step outside their comfort zone and mingle with other students while having the opportunity to reflect on who they are, how they interact with others, and the importance of learning life’s lessons from the small things. The girls had a fun day and came away uplifted and thinking more deeply about themselves and those around them.

Tracy Webster | Dean of Students – Year 7

“The Reflection Day was a wonderful experience to spend time with our year group.  We learnt skills that we can carry through to the rest of our life.  The Reflection Day was an opportunity to spend time with our friends, have a laugh, to enjoy it and learn life hacks.

Alicia Tory (Year 7, Corbett)

“On the Year 7 Reflection Day, Dave and Adam from Project Hatch came and talked to us. It was a fun-filled day with lots of games and laughter. We learnt that it is okay to fail and that we should never give up. We thought about the important people in our lives and the qualities in others that we find inspiring. We also looked at the importance of being mindful and present, tools that we can take with us through our Santa Maria journey. My favourite activity was at the end of the day when we wrote a letter to ourselves. It was a great chance to reflect on the first semester of Year 7. The entire day was really enjoyable and one that was beneficial for our development.”

Abby Young (Year 7, Kelly)

Year 8

On Wednesday 28 June, Year 8 students had a fulfilling day of reflection. We reviewed our achievements through the semester. We were hosted by Project Hatch, who facilitated us with a fully integrated program, which created a lasting influence. These activities engaged and challenged us. Some of these activities included: a dance/sing off, charades, guess the action, and many others. Teamwork and trust in each group member was used to successfully accomplish the activities.

Marsha Pengilly | Dean of Students – Year 8

“During Reflection Day, we also sat as a group and shared our thoughts on different topics such as, why we don’t all put our hands up to respond to questions. Responses varied for example, some said they were afraid they would be negatively judged, others didn’t want to seem too smart and some were scared to be wrong. However, by the end of the day, we discovered that Year 8 is a safe environment to share our ideas and speak our mind. We were also given the chance to tell someone who isn’t in our friendship group, that we appreciate them, this was heart-warming for all of us. At the end we were able to open the letters we wrote to ourselves a year ago about what we wanted to achieve and our personal goals. We set ourselves new goals to accomplish in the future. This was a nice way to end the term.”

Sofia Freund (Year 9 de la Hoyde)

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