Relay For Life 2023

Cancer is a disease that affects so many. That’s why fundraising events like Relay For Life are an excellent opportunity to come together as a community and acknowledge loved ones who have survived, honour loved ones who have passed, and raise money for cancer research and those who are affected.

Last Friday, some of our Years 8 and 9 students, accompanied by Year 11 leaders, took part in the Relay For Life along with students from Aquinas College. 

Relay For Life has many benefits, including:

  • Relayers get physically active
  • Donations are raised for cancer research
  • Community is gathered
  • Fundraising provides a goal to focus on

We spoke to a few students to find out how the event went: 

“Relay For Life 2023 was an amazing experience. The event was filled with happiness, laughter and excitement, while also recognising the purpose; funding cancer research. Who knew walking around an oval could bring you so many friends? A highlight of the event was listening to the inspiring Ollie Lim. He explained to the audience that you might never know if anyone is unwell in any way, so treat everyone with kindness and hospitality. In the end, every new friend made is a new adventure with many memories to cherish.” Pippa Smith, Year 8

“Relay For Life was an amazing experience where we got to interact with boys from Aquinas while walking for a significant and meaningful cause. This was run by Cancer Council and was a smooth and enjoyable event. We walked laps around the oval to raise money and after a while, started playing volleyball. We could buy food vouchers, that went towards raising money for cancer. This experience was really enjoyable. I had a lot of fun with Aquinas, and it was a really great cause, it opened many opportunities such as interacting with new people and making many new memories. This was a really fun and wonderful experience and I am grateful we were able to help out this cause.” Nitya Chowdhary, Year 9

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