Religious Education Teacher Awarded Notre Dame Prize

Congratulations to Religious Education Teacher Shoshanna Beins, who has been awarded the 2019 Post-graduate Theology Essay Prize from the University of Notre Dame.

This prize is awarded for the best research essay in a post-graduate theology course. The essay focused on the meaning and challenges of theology for our present and future world, in relation to the modern understanding of sin, consumerism and the way Jesus can be a moral example for Christians. Shoshanna will completed the unit ‘Theology of Today for Adults of Tomorrow’ in July 2019. She will commence her Master of Education (Religious Education) degree in Semester 2, this year.

“It’s such an unexpected honour to be awarded this prize. As a teacher of Religious Education, the unit reaffirmed the content I teach my students in class, especially in ATAR Religion & Life Course, is closely connected to their lives. I want to encourage my students to be lifelong learners and I think it is important to do this by modelling this in my own career.” Shoshanna said.  

Santa Maria College and the Religious Education department, in particular, are blessed to have Shoshanna as part of the team. Although only relatively new to the teaching world, Shoshanna has already achieved so much in her career. Having completed her Graduate Certificate in Catholic Leadership by age 21, it is with no surprise that she decided to continue her studies by pursuing a master’s degree in Education (Leadership and Management).

Shoshanna is a role model for both staff and students and demonstrates a lifelong love of learning which inspires us all.

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