Removing the Stigma Around Periods

Lucy Peach is an award-winning performance artist and the author of the best-selling book Period Queen. It’s a practical and humorous guide that looks at the four hormonal phases women and teens experience each month and how to use these to do well in life. Lucy has worked with high-performing women’s teams in elite sports, corporations, schools, and communities. 

Lucy spoke to our Year 11 students this week, sharing empowering messages with the girls about how to approach the challenges of each day by harnessing the impact of their menstrual cycle to track and achieve success. Lucy believes in creating a positive culture around body image in young women.  

On her website, Lucy states, “What if we could empower students to see themselves, and each other, as whole people? Knowledge is power and knowing their cycles and the effect their hormones have on them throughout the month is their power. Teach them to feel validated and powerful and to welcome each stage as it comes. Give them the tools to positively navigate their menstrual cycles, all 450 of them!”

Jessie Spears (Year 11) really enjoyed Lucy’s talk. She said, “It explored so much more than what we already know about periods. Lucy was very engaging with fun songs and jokes to enlighten the topic; she made me feel more comfortable talking about it now.” 

Jess Stewart (Year 11) agreed, “I found it really interesting to see how our cycles have different effects on our bodies with regard to productivity, self-esteem, and capacity to ‘give’ and ‘take’. I also found her presentation removed the negative stigma that surrounds periods and really put things into perspective.”

You can find out more about Lucy here.

Thank you to the Santa Maria College Parent Council for sponsoring this talk for the girls.

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