Rich Learning In And Out Of The Classroom – Jennifer Oaten

We all expected Term 1 to be short and action-packed, given it was initially a 9-week term. Then we had lockdown due to COVID, followed by a week of wearing masks, so many of the planned opportunities took place in the remaining seven weeks. No wonder staff and student are ready for a break!

We often speak about a well-rounded education, one which enables personal growth in a student’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potential. In addition to classroom learning, our students have choices of other opportunities beyond the walls of a classroom. These enable them to discover passions and develop strengths. Not only do they build self-esteem and learn to make the choices needed to manage a busy schedule, but they also build relationships and explore new opportunities.

During Term 1, our students have been Connecting Learning to Life in their classrooms and being involved in extensive co-curricular opportunities in Service, Sport, Academic, Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.  

In addition to all the classroom learning and co-curricular activities, the following events took place, which provided other learning opportunities for students in different year groups and with different interests and strengths, all of which help develop well-rounded students.

These are just the student opportunities; we have also had parent and alumni events.

I extend my sincere appreciation to all of our staff for their commitment to providing such diverse experiences.

When we reflect on the term, and what a rich opportunity our students have had, we hope they are truly grateful for what they have access to. We hope they take up as many opportunities as possible and find their passion during their time at the College.

We hope the holidays provide some time to be still, relax and recharge, ready for the many wonderful opportunities on offer in Term 2.

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