Rottnest School For the Day

A trip to Rottnest Island is always a great experience, but for the 107 girls from Santa Maria College who visited the Island last week, it was sure to be a fun day.

The Year 9 Recreational Studies students were there last Friday to participate in their snorkelling excursion. This excursion is an important component of the Recreational Studies snorkelling unit and the students are assessed on their knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • Snorkelling practical skills
  • Snorkelling safety and survival skills
  • Trip planning
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Conservation and environmental awareness
  • Knowledge and awareness of the flora and fauna found on Rottnest Island

The students have been working hard to develop their practical snorkelling skills during class time. They will also be required to complete an assignment directly related to their experiences at Rottnest Island.

Recreation Studies teacher, Rosie Brady said, “It was so awesome for us to witness the girls using the skills and knowledge they have learnt in their Rec lessons. I love watching them enjoy time in the outdoors, bonding with each other, challenging themselves, and learning new things about the environment we live in.”

Embracing Tradition: Praying the Rosary

One of the cherished traditions that we hold dear is our weekly gathering in the chapel to recite the Rosary. The Rosary isn’t just a routine prayer; it’s a sacred tradition that brings us together in faith and love.

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