Running Spirit: Inaugural SMC Running Festival

In 2022, we changed the format of our traditional cross-country carnival. The success and excitement of this change prompted us to re-evaluate and re-think the purpose of this event. Our goal was to organise a College community event that would be inclusive for everyone. This led to the creation of the Santa Maria College Running Festival. 

We believe that the festival strikes a balance between being competitive and enjoyable for our students, and we are delighted with how enthusiastically the girls have embraced the fresh format and taken part in it.

There were two events girls could participate in on the day. The first was a competitive 3 km course where each Homeroom nominated up to 15 runners. The placings of the top 10 runners went towards the overall results. Our Years 5 & 6 students completed a modified course running 1.8 km, while Year 6 students ran 2.3 km.  

The second event was the House Run. Each House took to a 1km course, one House at a time. Every student was encouraged to participate. Any participant who completed this course within 15 minutes earned a point towards their House. The final points go towards the McAuley Shield, which is presented to the overall winning House on Mercy Day.

Champions & Runner Ups

Year Group
Year 5
Year 6
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
Year 12

Gwenyth Young (Byrne)
Alyanna Mejia (Frayne)
Bethany Jurkans (O’Donnell)
Gabriella Silvester (de la Hoyde)
Sienna Pitt (Frayne)
Helen Smith (O’Reilly)
Billie Mincham (Kelly)
Sophie Farrell (de la Hoyde)

Runner Up
Emileah Steadman (Kelly)
Anabella Lewis (de la Hoyde)
Lolani Hatch (Dillon)
Olivia O’Neill (Corbett)
Naomi Karczub (Frayne)
Isayla Foster (de la Hoyde)
Bianca Monaco (Byrne)
Hannah Carmody (Dillon)

Years 5 - 12 Champions and Runners Up

House Results

Congratulations to Frayne House, who were victorious today! 


de la Hoyde

It was a pleasure to witness a great turnout of parents who came to watch and cheer the runners along the course. Their presence added to the excitement and encouragement of the participants.

Finally, to the Physical Education Department, who put together an amazing event for us all today – thank you. The House spirit, camaraderie, excitement and joy on everyone’s faces said it all!

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