Rock Ya Socks Off 2017

On Friday 17 March, over 550 students, parents and friends poured into the McDonald Wandoo Arena to witness a two and half hour rock concert. The highly energetic audience greeted the first band with a roar that shook the stage and they continued to literally scream their approval for the entire show. The seven bands were formed from the Year 9-12 Music elective groups and represented the classroom focus for the first part of the year. Songs by such artists as Fleetwood Mac, Ed Sheeran, Smash Mouth and The Village People were chosen by each group to suit their particular instrumentation and musical taste.

All of the bands performed their sets beautifully, relishing the chance to play on a large stage with full sound and lighting. The support from the crowd was nothing short of amazing and really provided the icing on the cake for the musicians who had worked so hard to rehearse and then perform all of the songs on the night from memory. Cameos from Career’s teacher Nik Keskinidis, English teacher Ian Zucaro, guitar tutor Taylor Cutts and guitar tutor and vocal coach Helen Shanahan, complimented the high level of performance displayed by all of the students involved on the night.

I would like to thank the musicians who performed so well, the maintenance team for assistance with the setup, the many staff who so generously gave up their Friday night to help supervise and especially the marvelous friends and family who made up the audience on the night and provided such fantastic vocal support. Thanks also to Evanna Brando for assisting the girls, Katie Mowday for taking care of ticketing and photography and Rebecca Waterhouse for her tireless efforts in preparing the girls for their performances.

The performers were so excited for the chance to experience this event and are already planning their songs for next year!

Paul Kinsella | Head of Music

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