Santa Chefs – Year 5 Students Learn About Nutrition

Year 5 students have been researching the topic of nutrition in class. The girls have been connecting learning to life and demonstrating the skills they are learning by creating nutritious meals for their families.

The girls have been learning:

  • What nutrition means, and what it means for our health (mental and physical) when we have good nutrition
  • The five food groups and what they do for your body
  • How to create a ‘healthy food plate’ based on what they have learnt above.

The students further developed and demonstrated their understanding of nutrition through the project ‘Santa Chef’. This is the fourth year this project has been a part of the Year 5 Nutrition unit, and it has continued to be a highlight for both the students and the teachers.

The students are given a number of lessons in class to plan a healthy dinner they will cook for their family. The girls are encouraged to use their creativity to present their project through the inclusion of costume, guest judges and video special effects using the iMovie app. The iMovie needs to include the students showing some of the cooking processes, as well as sharing with their audience information about the food groups included in their meal, and how they keep the body healthy.

The girls have done some amazing work and we will be showcasing some of these videos in the News Blog over the coming weeks. Above is the first of these videos – Ava’s Perfect Pasta Palace.

Ava said “The cooking was fun. I love cooking especially when it gets judged at the end by my family.”

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