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Santa Maria College’s Approach: Starting Year 12 Courses in Year 11

Year 11.5 Executive team in their Leaver's Jackets

In 2018, Santa Maria College made the change to introduce Year 12 courses in Term 4 of Year 11.

At the beginning of Term 4, after completing exams and workplace learning, students return to school and are fondly known as Year 11.5. This shift gives students a head start and prepares them better for their final year, while focusing on their overall growth.

Some might worry that condensing Year 11 into three terms could disadvantage students. Yet, this faster pace pushes students to learn efficient study habits and time management, skills crucial for both exams and their future.

What’s in it for the students? Starting Year 12 courses earlier means more time to prepare for WACE exams, and receive and act on teacher feedback. It also means less pressure and better mental wellbeing.

But does this early start help with academic excellence and getting ready for university? Definitely. The extra time lets students grasp subjects better and improve their academic skills, setting them up for success beyond high school.

Students at Santa Maria College get several advantages by starting these courses sooner. They experience less stress and more consistent workloads in their final year. They also have time for extracurricular activities like leadership roles, community service, and sports, enjoying a more balanced Year 12 experience.

Starting Year 12 courses early helps students handle their workload and stress better in their last year of high school. Santa Maria College’s approach encourages balance, letting students manage academics alongside other activities. This not only boosts their grades but also supports their overall wellbeing.

Santa Maria College’s decision to introduce Year 12 courses a year earlier shows our dedication to providing a well-rounded education for our students with a focus on academic growth and wellbeing through a balanced approach.

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