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Santa Maria Dance Troupes Shine

Santa Maria College’s Junior and Senior Dance Troupes recently took centre stage at the IGSSA Dance Festival held at Methodist Ladies College. The troupes showcased their remarkable talents and commitment to dance.

Our Senior dancers performed ‘Ice’ choreographed by Class of 2021 Santa Maria graduate dance students Emily Barker and Grace and Evie McCormack. ‘Ice’ explores climate change, melting glaciers and cracking polar ice. The dancers received outstanding feedback from the audience about their technically accomplished, sculptural, and emotive performance.

Continuing with an environmental theme was our entertaining hip hop dance piece ‘Thrift Shop’ performed by the Junior IGSSA Dance Troupe. Fashion trends may come and go, but often far too quickly for the planet. Our dancers showed the audience you can still look and feel cool while taking care of the environment. This piece was choreographed by guest choreographer Danielle Raffaele, who taught our young dancers hip hop style and groove in Terms 2 and 3. ‘Thrift Shop’ was the final performance of the festival and was a joyful conclusion to the show.

Both of our entries into the IGSSA Dance Festival were performed with excellent commitment and energy. We are so proud of our IGSSA dancers and all they have achieved this year!

Below, two of our students tell us about their experience.

The 2023 IGSSA Dance Festival was such an amazing and memorable experience for me, and all the girls involved. I absolutely loved working towards this piece and being able to collaborate with our choreographers. Learning from Santa Maria alumni Evie, Grace, and Emily was very insightful, and we gained a lot from their knowledge. There was so much excitement leading up to the festival, and it is always a fun time getting close and making new connections with all the girls. The support and energy after performing ‘Ice’ was unmatched and such a reward for all our hard work, and as always, I loved watching the range of pieces presented by the other schools. 2023 IGSSA Dance was such a special experience, and I can’t wait for next year! Jessica Bolden, Year 11

IGSSA Dance is an amazing opportunity to expand your talent and passion for dance. I had the best experience, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from our guest choreographer. Dani was so creative and really recognised us and showcased our strengths. She gave everybody an opportunity to shine in our piece this year. I feel that having hip hop for IGSSA this year was an amazing decision because hip hop is so much fun and groovy, and it gives the dancers who are stronger in this style of dance a chance to shine and represent Santa Maria. Danielle Rayner, Year 8

Equipping Our Year 10 Students for the Future

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the Winter Appeal and Outreach Mass at Santa Maria College.

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