Santa Maria Dominates the Pool: IGSSA Water Polo

The annual IGSSA Senior Water Polo Carnival was held at the HBF Stadium last Friday and Santa Maria College was well represented in the pool. A few of our players recount their day of competition.

“Santa Maria College dominated the 2020 IGSSA Water Polo Carnival on Friday. The scorching 36-degree day still allowed the A-team to be undefeated, winning the IGSSA Water Polo pennant. The B team came fifth overall. There were lots of fun, laughs, and highlights from all participants. Overall, it was a fabulous day that is always looked forward to!”  Georgia Anderson

“The IGSSA Water Polo Carnival was a day to remember! It was such a good experience to play a high level of sport and to play in a really supportive team environment. I can’t wait for next year’s carnival when we can hopefully bring home the pennant again.” Brooklyn Barr

“The IGSSA Water Polo Carnival was an awesome day, putting the cherry on top with bringing the pennant home! I can’t wait for next year’s carnival, it truly brings us all together.” Jessica Craig

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