Santa Maria Joins the War on Single Use Plastics!

The process…

GreenBatch picks up the school collection bins and removes any labels, lids and rings from the bottles to prevent contamination. The bottles are then washed, shredded and melted down into pellets which can be used just like virgin plastic in any standard plastic manufacturing machinery. GreenBatch further processes the pellets into long strands of 3D printer filament. The filament is made in many different colours and can be used in 3D printers to make almost anything you can imagine! The lids (a harder plastic) are recycled into the spools that hold the filament.

3D filament is very expensive, but through this program, the College will no longer need to purchase 3D filament for our printers.

Parents and students are encouraged to get involved and return PET bottles to the College. There are collection points at Student Reception, the Science Office, or pop your bottles into any of the purple bins.

We have just collected our 1000th bottle.

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