Santa Maria Trial School for Online NAPLAN

  • John Wray, Campus Dean
  • Brenda Komaromi, Head of Mathematics and Assistant Campus Dean in 2018
  • The question is often asked “Why do the test online rather than the pencil and paper version?” Apart from saving paper, the online test is a better test as it uses a form of artificial intelligence. The pencil and paper test is a mixture of easy to harder questions. It is always possible to select the right answer in a multiple-choice test by guesswork. The online test will be such that the questions asked would be determined by the questions the child has already answered correctly. The stronger the child is academically, the more difficult the questions become. This will give schools much more ‘fine grain’ information about a student and a cohort. Fine grain information means more meaningful feedback and planning. It will no longer be the generic instrument that it is today. The advent of online testing will also result in a shorter turnaround between the test and the results becoming available.

    Ian Elder | Principal

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