Santa Maria Wins JIGSSA Carnival

The JIGSSA Athletics Carnival was held on Monday and for the first time ever was a combined Year 5 and 6 extravaganza. Given that a carnival of this size for our Junior Years had been in the pipeline for a number of years, it was so exciting to see the day go ahead and with so much success.

The girls competed in a range of traditional track and field events and team games. There was an excellent balance of competitive athletics events and team games so well and truly something for everyone.

During the day the stands were empty as all of our girls were out in the field, racing between events. Santa Maria had an amazing day with some outstanding results. The Year 5 girls came second in their year group while the Year 6 girls won their pennant. Overall Santa Maria finished in first place! It’s been a great year for the Years 5 & 6 girls also winning the JIGSSA Swimming Carnival and second place in the Cross Country Carnival this year.

Well done to all our girls who competed so well and represented the College with great enthusiasm.

Emma Wood, Head of SportIt was a long hot day but everyone kept up the school spirit through cheering loud for SMC. The highlight of my day was competing in my long jump event as it was really fun and I broke my personal best! Maya Kenny (Year 6)The Athletics Carnival was one of the most exhilarating experiences for anyone in the junior years of Santa Maria! The weather was perfect for such an exciting day. I can’t wait for next year to be with the bigger school!’ Grace Foster (Year 6)I had a great experience coming 1st in shotput and 3rd in discus. It was great fun to participate in all my events as I got to share the day with my friends! Georgie Cleaver (Year 6)The JIGSSA athletics carnival was a great day and I had an amazing time. I did get a bit nervous, but we still tried their best and I could see many of us stretching before our events which always helps. There was great support between all the athletes. Maeve Lehane (Year 6)

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