Santa Station’s Milestone

It’s been over a year since the first Santa Station was recorded in lockdown and now we have arrived at our 10th Episode!

The first episode was meant to be recorded in the Library’s new Creator Space, but with lockdown suddenly landing upon us, Tolu Sorunmu (2020 graduate), Samantha Boznich (Year 11) and Sumaya Northcott (Year 12) had to think outside the box.  Each student recorded their own track individually at home and then remotely stitch it all together for Santa Station’s very first episode.

Now we have arrived at Episode 10! A lot has happened in that time, including Tolu graduating and a bunch of fantastic new co-hosts joining us, including Annabel Knowles (Year 8), Gabrielle Goes (Year 10), Tisya Chowdary (Year 10), Matilda Reid (Year 10) and Paris Canterbury (Year 10). The Library’s Creator Space has been a great place to record Santa Station offering state of the art podcasting equipment.

Episode 10 also marks the occasion for Santa Station’s very own logo to be launched. Thanks to Year 10 student, Sascha Finlay-Collins. 

In Episode 10, we celebrate with two competitions, ‘Two Truths and One Lie’ and guess the ‘Secret Sound’. The first correct responses receive a canteen voucher! And seeing as it’s the 10th Episode, why not discuss the Top 10 list of movie villains!

You can celebrate this milestone with us by listening to the podcast below. 

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