Santa Students ‘Pitch Perfect’

Marking the end to a very busy term for our music students, the girls enjoyed the opportunity to perform in the Term 2 Choral Concert this week.

The Years 5/6 Choir was conducted by Jessica Del Borrello and accompanied by past student Maddison Moulin (2015) on piano. Maddison now teaches piano at the College. The girls performed two songs. The first, ‘Child of Peace’, is an uplifting and inspirational song about sharing God’s gift of peace and love in our world. The song features the word ‘Peace’ in French, Hebrew, Zulu, Pashto, Italian and Malay. Reminding us that all around the world people are in need of love and peace. The girls then sang ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ from Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins.

Kelly Read conducted the Years 7/8 Choir who sang ‘That’s What’s Up’ as recorded by Lennon and Maisy, followed by ‘Lean On Me’. (Music by Bill Withers, arranged by Adam Anders)

Jessica Del Borrello, led the Years 9/10 Chorale in a rendition of ‘Viva La Vida’ recorded by Coldplay.

Viva la Vida is Spanish for ‘Long Live Life’. The song follows the story of a high dictator who has fallen from his throne by a revolutionary take over. He recounts memories of being a King, now reflecting on his vulnerability but also guilty for his treatment of others during his time of power.

The girls followed on with ‘I Lived’ an acapella piece accompanied by Year 12 student Jessica Tan on the Cajon, which is a percussion instrument (Music by Ryan Tedder and Noel Zancanella). This song is a celebration of God’s gift of life and a reminder to take opportunities to help us live to our fullest. To really put across this message, students sang acapella, which means, with no accompaniment. This piece has been arranged by the father of acapella, Deke Sharon, known for his arrangements in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ movies.

The Years 11/12 Chorale was conducted by Music Captain, Katia Fernandes, a tradition each year. The group was accompanied by Paul Kinsella, Head of Music. The girls sang a beautiful cover of the song ‘Shallow’ from the movie A Star Is Born and followed with ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘Your Song’ (Music by Elton John).

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