Santa’s Workshop Officially Launches

At Santa Maria College, we know that girls can do anything! Over 200 Years 7 and 8 students commenced Beginners Woodwork in Santa’s Workshop this term. Our students have been learning to use drills, saws and a range of other tools to construct their first project.

Santa’s Workshop aims to provide an opportunity that enables students to design, create and evaluate products.

‘Building Better Lives’ is the chosen phrase on our signage because the intention is to make items, such as wooden toys, which can be donated to children in need or sold within our community to raise funds for those in need. The focus is on others, not self.

We believe Santa’s Workshop will:

  • Promote gender equality: traditionally, woodworking has been considered a male-dominated field. By encouraging girls to learn these skills, we can help break down gender stereotypes.
  • Develop practical skills: woodworking is a practical skill that can be used throughout life, whether for DIY projects, repairs, or even creating custom furniture.
  • Boost confidence: learning woodworking can help girls build confidence in their abilities. Woodworking requires problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, all of which are all attributes from our Connecting Learning to Life strategy.
  • Foster creativity: woodworking is a creative pursuit that allows students to express their creativity and explore their ideas.
  • Introduce career opportunities: learning woodworking can open up careers in fields such as construction, carpentry or furniture making. By introducing girls to these skills, we can help them consider career paths they may not have otherwise considered.

We are delighted to have two female Woodwork teachers, Lauren Thompson and Eden Carey, who are sharing their passion and skills in the woodworking area with students.

Our Parent Council generously donated $25,000 in 2022 and a further $10,000 in 2023 for the purchase of many of the tools and equipment.

We hope this wonderful opportunity will encourage our students to learn new skills, work though challenges and give them the confidence to use these skills in their own lives or in their work life.

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