Science Outreach Program

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Last Thursday, Year 6 and Year 8 IGNITE students spent the day at Curtin University participating in the Science Outreach program. The students participated in a number of workshops including circuits and building water rockets. They spent the day with university students from a variety of science backgrounds and immersed themselves in university culture, enjoying the ad hoc lunchtime music as well as the hammock hotel, the best place to relax and share a meal with friends.

Jessica Beazley | IGNITE Coordinator

“Curtin University was a great place and an adventure for us all”.
Caitlin Lee (Year 6, O’Reilly)

“The Year 6s and 8s really enjoyed this excursion, it was a great insight into what it’s like to go to university”.
Sarah Durston (Year 8, Frayne)

This article is brought to you by Santa Maria College a WA Catholic Girls Schools – Years 5 – 12

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