In Science, We Are Better Together!

50 years of research recognises that when parents and teachers work together on student learning, the improved outcomes are significant. However, it is hard to support learning at home if you don’t have resources to help you. At Santa Maria, our Science Learning Area has a number of tools and resources you can access.

1. Education Perfect is a website for Years 7 – 12. It provides lessons on each unit of work that is taught in Science. It includes revision resources, sample tests and solutions. Each child has a login for Education Perfect, which you paid for as part of your booklist. Sometimes it is used for homework activities but your child can also use it for their personal revision or extension.

2. Ask your child to show you their Science section of OneNote. This is where all important documents and resources from Santa Maria are kept, including:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Assessment Outline
  • Lesson notes
  • Powerpoints
  • Example questions and solutions
  • Links to helpful videos and animations

This is a great place to visit in order to guide your child in their revision and homework. You may also use the resources to test them on terminology and objectives. Even just talking to your daughter about the course content will create greater learning engagement.

3. Science teachers are available to help students if they need a little help or greater explanation of ideas. To organise this one-on-one time, your daughter should email her teacher to make an appointment.

4. On Wednesdays after school, Middle Years Science teacher, Mrs Haggerty is in the Plaza for Study Buddies. Students are encouraged to approach her for help with Science if required.


For any further information, please contact Ailsa Harris, Head of Science

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