Sea Trek

Going on Sea Trek has been one of the best experiences of my life! I loved every minute of it as I learnt so much about myself, about others, about leadership, about building my confidence and honing my sailing skills.  I am sure all the girls who ventured with me would agree.

The scenery of Shark Bay was absolutely beautiful. The highlights for me were the sparkling blue waters to sail on and the bright red sands to camp on, it was truly amazing. The skills we learnt went beyond sailing and into team building and growing our leadership abilities.

Another key experience for me was spending time getting to know everyone individually, building on existing friendships and forming new ones.  Sea Trek was a great adventure away from school environment, where we were challenged every step of the way and learnt many new skills that will last us a life time.

Sincere thanks go to our awesome teacher leaders Miss Beechey and Miss Addison who took the time out of their holidays to take us and made the trip so memorable for us.

Ruby Mavrick (Year 11, de la Hoyde)

Sea Trek at Shark Bay was an amazing experience, starting with the 5.45 am meeting time at the College to the 11-hour bus ride there, which gave our class heaps of time to get to know each other better. The camp was full of fun and interesting activities – from sailing to watching a herd of goats.

Throughout Term 1, we were preparing for this camp, having lessons at the boatshed, planning a route, planning our meals and the most efficient ways to pack our barrels. Sea trek allowed us all the opportunity to work with other classmates in a variety of settings and in different situations.

Overall being in Shark Bay for our Outdoor Education Sea Trek was a great change from our busy school work and gave us satisfaction and enjoyment in a new, fresh environment.

Laura Scott (Year 11, de la Hoyde)

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