Seek7, My City: Perth 2030

Seek7, one of Santa Maria’s Enhanced Learning programs, is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore ‘big ideas’ and develop a range of research and interpersonal skills.  This year the focus has been ‘My City: Perth 2030’, specifically looking at the future of transport, how life in the city will change, and how we can better manage our resources and reduce waste.

Links to the real world are such an important part of educating young people. Giving them the opportunity to consider the many exciting possibilities for their future, will change the way they view themselves and tomorrow. Too often we dwell on the problems, not the solutions or the possibilities. Seek7’s challenge ‘What problem do you want to solve?’ is a great way to think about their future careers.

On Monday we went to the Perth CBD to see the ‘city in action’. The students went on a guided tour of the city to find out about its history, view recent and planned development projects and observe the city in action. In preparation for the day, Melanie Bainbridge, from the City of Perth Sustainability Unit gave an excellent presentation to the students about how they plan to manage the social and environmental issues created as the city grows. Paul Molony from the City of Melville and Isabelle Marie from the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) also spoke to the students about the issues our local council deals with.

During Seek7, the students have demonstrated great levels of engagement, independence, problem-solving, leadership and teamwork.

To quote one of the teachers: “Watching the girls do Seek7 is so cool – the girls are working like little worker bees in the beehive, so cohesive! They’re buzzing with ideas and have clear responsibilities and jobs. Looks more like a modern-day workplace!”

The project continues into Term 3 and we look forward to the girls presenting their findings.

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