Seek7: Students Get Hands-On at Point Walter

SEEK7 is about curiosity and questioning and provides students with opportunities to extend themselves with real-life learning. The theme of SEEK7 is sustainability and the importance of caring for our planet and the resources we rely on. Water is one of those resources and is a strong focus of the SEEK7 program. This week, the girls headed to Point Walter to enjoy some hands-on work with the staff from the Nearer to Nature program.

Below is a summary of the visit from Year 7 student Anahat Singh

Our Seek 7 excursion was a combination of HASS & Science. We learnt all about how we as humans are affecting bodies of water and their ecosystems.

We started by looking closely at what was happening in the water and what life it held. Looking at water samples, we recorded all the life we saw including different types of shrimp and microscopic marine life.

It was interesting learning about how we have affected the waters by polluting them, and how we have been creating algae blooms because of our mistakes.

I loved doing the water testing. I learnt that water needs to be clean and not disturbed – this is turbidity. I love being able to test the water at Point Walter.

This has been a great experience and I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future. I have gained interests in what I would never have thought of as an interest. This was so much fun. I love Seek 7!

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