Our 7s, Sustainability And SEEK7

There’s no better way to end the term than by breaking out of the classroom and connecting learning to real life. That’s exactly what the Year 7s are doing this week.

SEEK7 is part of Santa Maria College’s Enhanced Learning Program. It is all about curiosity and questioning and providing all students with the opportunity to really extend themselves with real-life learning.

The theme of SEEK7 is Sustainability, the importance of caring for our planet and the resources we rely on. The girls are working within Homerooms in a group of four. Each group has chosen a question to research and will present findings of this research in a creative way.

Throughout the week, the Year 7s will be developing their collaboration, questioning and research skills. By working outside the normal classroom environment, they will have greater freedom to develop their curiosity and problem-solving skills. They will also utilise initiative, collaboration and creativity to communicate their learning.

As you can see, SEEK7 privileges all of those so-called ‘soft skills’. The ones that we know the girls are going to use throughout their lives and will make all the difference to their cognitive and social development.

The best part of SEEK7 is…it’s fun! So we wish all of the Year 7s and their teachers a fabulous week.

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