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This week our Year 7 students have been involved in the SEEK7 program. SEEK7 is a three-day Enhanced Learning Program for Year 7 students. The program is a mixture of skills sessions and work sessions where the girls research their very own BIG WHY question. Once they complete their research, students create their own opinion and use creative thinking to design a product, which will demonstrate to others what they learnt in their research and the opinions they developed from this.

The girls were very engaged throughout the program and commented on the positives of developing their research skills, sharing research and opinions with others which broadened their thinking and having time away from the usual teaching and learning timetable.

Tracy Webster, Dean of Students – Year 7

This week the Year 7s where asked to choose a BIG WHY question for SEEK7 that most interested them. We had a variety of different skills sessions such as how to create your own opinion, how to find important information and how to write a bibliography. We gathered into groups for each subject and worked with each other. I had the opportunity to share facts and opinions with my group and had a great time! Overall, it was a very positive and fun experience and I am sure to use these skills I have learnt in SEEK7 in the future! Abby Crook (Year 7, O’Reilly) 

SEEK7 has been a fun, creative, interesting task and a great learning experience for me. I loved how we had the opportunity to choose our own question that interested us. SEEK7 has taught me some great research skills, such as how to break down a question so that you can find the deeper meaning of it and really understand it. This is a really useful tool for most of the assignments we do in Year 7 and up until Year 12. The activities we did in our booklets were really enjoyable. I like the fact that we did some of them individually and some of them in a group, where we got to share our ideas and opinions. I think that SEEK7 was a really great idea and an awesome way to finish the term! Isabella Gaunt (Year 7, O’Reilly)

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