Tracy Webster, Dean of Students – Year 7

This week the Year 7s where asked to choose a BIG WHY question for SEEK7 that most interested them. We had a variety of different skills sessions such as how to create your own opinion, how to find important information and how to write a bibliography. We gathered into groups for each subject and worked with each other. I had the opportunity to share facts and opinions with my group and had a great time! Overall, it was a very positive and fun experience and I am sure to use these skills I have learnt in SEEK7 in the future! Abby Crook (Year 7, O’Reilly) 

SEEK7 has been a fun, creative, interesting task and a great learning experience for me. I loved how we had the opportunity to choose our own question that interested us. SEEK7 has taught me some great research skills, such as how to break down a question so that you can find the deeper meaning of it and really understand it. This is a really useful tool for most of the assignments we do in Year 7 and up until Year 12. The activities we did in our booklets were really enjoyable. I like the fact that we did some of them individually and some of them in a group, where we got to share our ideas and opinions. I think that SEEK7 was a really great idea and an awesome way to finish the term! Isabella Gaunt (Year 7, O’Reilly)

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