Senior Girls Preparing for IGSSA Dance Showcase

With auditions complete, the Senior IGSSA Dance Troupe rehearsals are well underway. The 16 dancers are working hard with professional choreographer Bernie Bernard to produce an exciting and innovative piece for the IGSSA Dance Showcase in August.

This creative process is developing our dancers’ determination, patience, technique and performance skills.

Chelsea White (Year 10) has been dancing since she was four years old and loves Jazz because it’s so energetic and fun to perform. “I love being able to creatively express myself through movement and have the opportunities to perform in front of others. Dance is a special form of expression which makes me really happy,” said Chelsea

Mackenzie Bond (Year 11) has been dancing since she was two years old and started with ballet before moving on to Tap and Jazz.  She now dances Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, Ballet and Ballroom dancing. Lyrical is her favourite because “It’s technical and requires full control of the body and full concentration. It also allows me to express my emotions and always pushes me to my limits, and I am always learning new movements in my classes.” She went on to say “I love dance because it has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and in performing, it has also enabled me to express my emotions and explore the creation of new movement. Dancing has given me a home away from home and a family full of some of my closest friends,”

Tahlia Menner (Year 11) has been dancing since she was three. Her favourite dance style is Ballet, although, she says she’s not the best at it. She believes Contemporary allows her to be as creative and free as she wants to be. “What I love about dance is the ability to express myself in a unique way that is also fun. I tend to have a lot of energy and being able to use that energy in a way that allows me to create something interesting and uniquely me is really fantastic.”

Jes Tan (Year 12) has been dancing for 13 years, starting when she was four. She said, “Dance is one of my greatest passions, as it incorporates the two things I love – music and movement. It allows me to creatively explore new ideas and stories through different dance styles, as well as embodying various characters inspired by the music.” Jes’ favourite dance style is Hip Hop, she prefers the more urban, strong and percussive movements within the dance. Hip hop also works very closely with the beats of the music, and as a music student, specifically a drummer, I like exploring how musicality affects and enhances a dance.

Gillian Whitehead (Year 12) has been attending Ballet classes since she was six years old but says that for as long as she can remember she’s loved dance, even before starting Ballet classes. “Ballet would be my favourite dance style; I love its elegance and beauty. However, I do also enjoy Contemporary and Hip-Hop, these styles are always so much fun and incredible to watch.”

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