Senior IGSSA Water Polo and Softball Competition

Our senior students took to the pool and softball diamonds for their IGSSA competitions last week. With Term 4 being incredibly busy, this day-long tournament is a wonderful way for the girls to compete in Term 4 sports. It also allows our Year 12s to participate.


With extra teams in the competition, this year softball was held at Yokine and the standard across all grades was incredible. Over the course of the day our teams came together beautifully, and we saw some excellent skills and tactics on display. One highlight of the day was the C Team celebrating a very tight win in their last game. Our umpire, who is the dad of Australian player and old scholar Leah Parry, was very complimentary of the way our girls lifted in this tight match.

Our A team finished 3rd, the B team was 6th and our C team finished 4th, which is pretty awesome, especially considering this was their first season of softball.

Water Polo

Meanwhile, our water polo girls were making quite a splash over at the HBF Stadium. Coached by past students Brooke Pensini and Sarah Leavy, both our A and B teams were undefeated over the course of the day!

We loved having many of our Year 12 students play in their final year. It was a wonderful way for them to celebrate their amazing talent and the incredible commitment they have made to the Santa Maria water polo program over their years at the College.

We congratulate the girls on their commitment and fantastic results from the day. This format will continue in 2022 with the addition of tennis which will also be held in this round-robin format.

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