Shaping the Future of Education: Santa Maria College’s Strategic Plan

At Santa Maria College, we are proud to be a vibrant Catholic school with a growing local presence and reputation. Our foundation is built upon Gospel values, and we honour our Mercy heritage established by Catherine McAuley and our founding Sisters. As a diverse and inclusive community, we celebrate our commitment to social justice through our Service program, offering rich learning experiences and focusing on wellbeing and child safety.

Vision Statement

To be leaders in education, empowering social change

Our vision statement sets a bold goal for the coming years based on our strategic plan.

Mission Statement

Educating young Mercy women who act with courage and compassion to enrich our world.

Our mission statement encapsulates the essence of Santa Maria College and the aspirations we hold for our graduates.

Embracing Our Mercy Values

Our Mercy values form the foundation of our school culture and guide our actions, decisions, and interactions. We are committed to fostering a welcoming community where everyone belongs, acting with empathy to care for others, promoting respectful relationships and equity for all, responding to those in need, and persevering with courage to achieve our personal best.

Hospitality: We respect the dignity of all, creating a welcoming community where everyone belongs.
Compassion: We act with empathy to care for others with open hearts and minds.
Justice: We promote respectful relationships, equity for all and care of our planet.
Service: We respond to those in need to improve the community.
Excellence: We persevere with courage to achieve our personal best.

Charting a Course for Success

With our strategic plan as our guide, we are confident that Santa Maria College will continue to grow and thrive as a leader in education, empowering our students and staff to create meaningful change in the world around them.

Together, we will uphold our Mercy heritage, celebrate our diversity and inclusion, and strive for excellence in every aspect of our school community. Our strategic plan paves the way for a brighter future for all members of the Santa Maria College community.

The Foundation of our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is built on five core pillars that support our vision and provide a roadmap for our growth and development:

  1. Faith: By providing contemporary opportunities for our community to connect with faith, we aim to increase engagement and appreciation of its importance in our lives.
  2. Learning for Life: We develop diverse pathways, flexible programs, and partnerships to prepare students and staff with the skills and attributes needed to live, learn, and lead in an ever-changing world.
  3. Social Innovation: Through modelling and providing opportunities for engagement with personal, local, and global issues, we empower our students to take action through service, innovation, and enterprise.
  4. Community Activation: By engaging with parents, alumni, and the wider community, we strive to create a more connected, vibrant community that seeks to give back to the College and those in need.
  5. Financial Sustainability: With a focus on sustainable finances, we aim to strengthen our financial position, ensuring the future of the College and its ability to provide exceptional opportunities, facilities, and support for those in need.
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