Share Your Journey: Calling All Santa Maria College Alumni!

At Santa Maria College, we take immense pride in the achievements of our students, past and present. Our community is built on the strong foundation of shared experiences, cherished memories, and lifelong friendships. As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the incredible journeys of our alumni, we invite you to share your story with us! 

Whether you are making strides in your professional career, contributing to your community, or pursuing your passions in unique ways, we want to hear about it. Your stories are a source of inspiration for our current students and a testament to the values and education provided at Santa Maria College.

Why Share Your Story?

 Inspire Others: Your experiences can motivate and guide current students and recent graduates.

Reconnect: Sharing your story is a wonderful way to reconnect with the Santa Maria community and stay engaged with fellow alumni.

Celebrate Achievements: Let’s celebrate your successes together! Whether big or small, every achievement is a milestone worth acknowledging.

How to Share Your Story

It’s simple! Just fill out our Out and About form here and provide us with some details about your journey since leaving Santa Maria College. We would love to know about your career, personal achievements, and how your time at the College has influenced your path.

What to Include in Your Submission

Your Background: Share a bit about your time at Santa Maria College. What years did you attend? What are your fondest memories?

Your Journey: Tell us about your career and personal milestones since graduating. What have you been up to? What achievements are you most proud of?

Impact of Santa Maria College: How did your education and experiences at the college shape your journey? Are there particular skills or values you gained that have been especially significant?

Words of Wisdom: Do you have any advice or insights for current students? What would you tell your younger self?

Know Someone Else with a Great Story?

If you know another Santa Maria College alumna with a story worth sharing, please encourage them to fill out the form or share their details with us, and we will make contact them directly. We are always eager to highlight the diverse paths our graduates have taken.

Stay Connected

By sharing your story, you will be contributing to a rich tapestry of alumni stories that highlight the diverse and dynamic community of our College. We are excited to hear from you and to celebrate the incredible journeys our alumni have embarked upon.

Thank you for being a vital part of our community. Your story matters, and we can’t wait to share it.

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