Shark Tank: 2020 Sustainable Entrepreneur of the Year

In Year 7 HASS, students have been learning about entrepreneurial skills and harnessing their creative thinking to come up with new and exciting sustainable products. The students pitched their product to their class with the winners from each class presenting at the grand finale.

The winners of this year’s grand finale were Ruby Morris, Ella Mapstone, and Matilda Curtain. Their product idea was called Ink Me with the slogan ‘New ink in a blink’. The girls conducted market research which showed that hundreds of pens were being thrown away when they ran out of ink at Santa Maria. They proposed a re-inking machine catering to different sized and coloured pens. Their product could potentially save thousands of pens from entering landfill!

This is what the winners had to say:

Ella Mapstone: “I liked the opportunity to be creative and sustainable at the same time. It was really interesting to see all the different ideas that people came up with. I think our product won because it related to school and therefore appealed to lots of students and teachers.”

Ruby Morris: “I was a bit nervous about presenting to such a large group but with lots of practice and organisation we were looking forward to showing people what we had been working really hard on. We really believed our product was a strong idea.”

Shark Tank 2020 Winners: Matilda Curtain, Ella Mapstone and Ruby Morris
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