She Codes

Santa Maria students were invited to participate in a She Codes workshop at the new Murdoch University CBD campus. She Codes is a program empowering women to pursue technical careers through learning coding.

The students first challenge came in the form of their surprise grouping. The girls had to form groups with students from other schools, and introduce themselves. They were then given the challenge of coding the instructions for an interactive video game. The girls represented the College with pride and all groups were able to produce an excellent quality set of code.

Here’s what Year 8 students Victoria and Libby thought of the day.

Summary from Victoria

Our day was filled with fun as we collaborated with girls from various schools to code a turtle game. The goal of the game was for the turtle to safely reach the water. We were given three main components of the game to work on. To make the game more complex and more interesting for individuals to play, it was my job to code the birds, which would move around in random locations to stop the turtle from reaching safety. 

We worked with mentors who guided us through challenges throughout the day and helped build our understanding of coding as we worked efficiently in our groups to finish the game. 

We were allowed to walk down to the Supreme Gardens for lunch, which was a beautiful place to relax and chat with friends. By the end of the day, my group had almost completed the game. Our last job was to code the controls to make it possible for our turtle to move. It was a fantastic day, and we completed roughly 90% of the coding. Collaborating with girls from different schools was a wonderful experience, and I would love to do something like this again.”s

Summary from Libby

Five other girls and I had the fantastic opportunity to go into the city to the new Murdoch University site to take part in She Codes. We had to work through challenges during the day, from turtles not moving to rocks disappearing. SheCodes was a program I absolutely loved. Getting to work with other girls from different schools was really exciting, different and challenging. Learning more about coding was enjoyable and easy to understand. Overall it was a fantastic day, and I would love to do it again.

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