Showcasing Our Dancers

Our Dance Showcase is one of the major events during the year for our Performing Arts Department. The Showcase, held last Saturday, saw over 130 dance students perform, and ten students take on the roles of the backstage crew.

The girls have worked extremely hard with their dance teachers over the past four months to produce a wide variety of entertaining dance pieces. Girls from Years 7 to 12 performed Bollywood, contemporary, commercial and jazz style dances to packed audiences across three sessions. The event was also live streamed for those unable to attend the event.

Below, three students share their experiences with us.

Scarlett Ceniviva, Year 7

I love to dance because it is fun, good exercise and I get to dance with my friends. When I dance, I feel that I am communicating on a different level. I feel energised, and when I complete a great performance, I feel happy that I have succeeded in delivering the choreography and emotion of the dance.

By participating in the Santa Maria Dance Showcase, I got to learn some new choreography and had the opportunity to meet, talk to and learn from girls who love to dance from all years at the College.

The main challenge of this performance was having to do my own makeup! However, with the help of other girls, it was a lot easier to do. I loved dancing at the showcase, and I hope I can again next year!

Isabella Lu, Year 9

The Dance Showcase was an exciting and enjoyable experience for me and many other students who took part in it. It was a wonderful way to showcase every student’s creativity and talent for dance. Dancing styles that were shown in the showcase involved graceful, fluid movements in contemporary to percussive, distinct movements in Bollywood. My favourite style of dance is hip hop and jazz. Dancing gives me the ability to feel empowered and is a way to express my thoughts and emotions.

The best thing about participating in the Dance Showcase was being able to see the dances of other year groups as well as having the experience of performing in front of an audience. As a dance class, we worked to create an engaging and amusing piece for others to enjoy. From working with others, learning a dance, rehearsing, and performing, the whole dance experience was enjoyable. 

Through this experience, I’ve been able to meet and create friendships with people who share the same passion for dance. I have been inspired by other dancers to expand my choreographic and performance skills.

Alivia Parker, Year 9

I started dancing at a young age, and I thought it wouldn’t go far, but now I have been dancing for 12 years. I can’t imagine life without it. Dance has always been my second favourite sport, but now I’m older, I know how important it is to me. I love dance because it lets me release my emotions. It makes me happy. Dance is a place where I can go away and not worry about what anyone thinks. Dance is like a family. We are all there for the same reason. Whether you’re at the studio or school, everyone is cheering you on and making you feel like you’re on top of the world.

At the Dance Showcase, you could see everyone performing with intention and passion. If you watched it, you would know how amazing everyone was, and it was so nice to see everyone happy. Last term, I broke my toe, so I missed out on a lot of class time to practice, but I still attended classes and continued to learn. This was a hard challenge to overcome as I hate missing out. But with the help of my teachers and my amazing friends, I got through it. I loved working with everyone, and I hope I can experience it again. 

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